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How can I collect cashback?

If you have deposited any means of payment in the poinz app and use it to pay for your purchase at a Swiss Loyalty partner, you will collect 1% cashback. However, if you pay for your purchase with your Swiss Loyalty American Express Card, you will collect 2% (1% Swiss Loyalty + 1% American Express). If you make your purchase with the Swiss Loyalty Visa, you will collect 1.25% cashback (1% Swiss Loyalty + 0.25% Visa).

If you have Swiss Loyalty Cards, you will collect cashback regardless of whether you store at a Swiss Loyalty Partner or at any other store. Whether you store online, book a vacation or make any other purchase, you earn cashback (0.25% for Visa and 1% for American Express).

When buying gift card in poinz app, you can also collect cashback. This varies from gift card to gift card. For detailed information click on the desired gift card.

In addition, you can collect up to 15% cashback with our shopping feature. Again, this varies. You can also find the detailed information directly in the online partner overview.

Updated on: 07/04/2022

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