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Where and how are my means of payment stored with Swiss Loyalty?

In order to be able to store a means of payment for Swiss Loyalty in the poinz app, you must go directly in the poinz app under the heading "poinz Swiss Loyalty". Then click on the three dashes in the upper right corner and then on "Means of payment". Select "Deposit means of payment" and then click on the means of payment you want to deposit.

American Express
Apple Pay
Google Pay
V Pay
Samsung Pay

PostFinance Cards not possible, not even the new PostFinance Card combined with Debit Mastercard!

When depositing a credit or debit card, it is sufficient if you only enter the card number and the cardholder.

With a Maestro card, Twint, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay or V Pay, you must first make a purchase at a Swiss Loyalty Partner (locally) and be sure to keep the receipt. To complete the identification process, you will need to store information from your receipt once in the app so that a link can be made to your payment method. To do this, all you need to do is select Maestro, Twint, Apple Pay or Google Pay from the payment method overview and follow the 2 steps below:

Make a transaction
Enter receipt information: You will need the following information from your receipt: PAN (the last 4 digits of your payment method (example: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX1111 - PAN in this case would be 1111), purchase amount, and the purchase date.
-->Your payment method has been deposited and the cashback will be credited directly to your account.

Updated on: 16/02/2023

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